Air inlets

Self-adjusting acoustic walls

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Air inlets

Self-adjusting acoustic walls

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  • Acoustic isolation
  • Compatible with interior / exterior insulation
  • Installs through a wall Ø125


Collective housing: self-regulating and humidity-controlled single flow systems A - living rooms, bedrooms.
Tertiary buildings: offices, meeting rooms, ...
EM A is installed on the interior side.

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3 flows: 22, 30, 45 m3/h.

  • EM A air inlet and GAP front grille in white impact polystyrene RAL 9016.
  • MMM Metal sleeve.
  • Possibility of modulating insulation thanks to the MAC 125 acoustic sleeve.

Selection of air inlets and vents

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Download OPTAIR VMC 2018 Media locked
VMC installation sizing and quotation software
For any operating problem, please send your request by email to optair@vim.fr

  • Network sizing and selection of the suitable fan.
  • Works for any self-adjusting, hygro-adjustable and gas installation.
  • Calculations in accordance with current standards.
  • Provides a detailed and costed list of the selected material.
  • Allows the production of quotes from the database of VIM products.
  • Possible application in TERTIARY single-flow CMV.

August 2020: new version (automatic update)

  • Addition of TED F400 ECOWATT COP and KUBAIR F400 ECOWATT COP (in rapid collective VMC project and in full project)
  • Addition of K STD and K STD IP 16
  • Removal of K STD and K STD IP 19
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