Automatic fire extinguishing




Automatic fire extinguishing


  • Complies with standard NF EN 16282-7
  • Complies with article GC8 of the regulations for large kitchens
  • Automatic or manual triggering
  • Numerous configurations depending on the areas to be protected
  • Adaptable to all VORAX® and NOVAX hoods
  • Easy to use, without electronics or electrical connection
  • CNPP test report N ° GA 13 0005-1
  • Efficiency tests on fryer fires according to ISO 15371 of 2015


Autonomous fire detection and extinguishing system in professional kitchens by extinguishing agent.
Protection of cooking appliances, sensors and extraction ducts.
Meets article GC8 Extinguishing media

- "Large kitchens, reheating offices and each cooking island must include extinguishing means adapted to the risks presented".
- "In large open kitchens and cooking islands, automatic extinguishing devices suitable for the oil fire must be installed directly above the open fryers".
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  • System composed of the elements below, offering numerous configuration possibilities according to the areas to be protected:
    • A reserve of extinguishing agent equipped with a special valve
    • A detection tube, under 14 bars of pressure, made of high-tech polymer resistant to long-term leaks, acts as a pneumatic detector.
  • Under the rise in temperature or the appearance of a flame, the pressurized tube bursts and actuates the indirect valve.
  • Extinguishing agent conveyed by a pipe network to the diffusion nozzles and is projected onto the source of the fire.
  • Remote manual trigger control allowing the system to be started.
  • System studied, validated and installed by our partner ANDRIEU SY STEM E, by specially trained and accredited staff.
  • ANDRIEU SY STEM E ensures the maintenance and the rearming of the system after tripping.

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