Exterior grilles

Fresh air intake Canadian well

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Exterior grilles

Fresh air intake Canadian well

  • Fresh air intake column


Introduction of fresh air into a Canadian well

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Ø200 / 250/315/355/400 mm.

2 finishes:

  • AISI 304 stainless steel brushed finish.
  • Galvanized with RAL 7039 gray polyester paint finish, 2 sides, degreasing + zinc phosphating + 60 µm paint.

  • No visible fixing.
  • Air inlets by circular grilles in cast aluminum with sandblasted finish. Inclined louvers and anti-insect screens on Ø200 and 250.
  • Air inlets by rectangular aluminum grilles with rain protection fins and anti-insect mesh on Ø315, 355 and 400.
  • Fixing to the ground by a very thick plate (2 mm) ensuring good stability.
  • Anti fall grid placed in the lower part of the air intake and removable for maintenance of the Canadian well.
  • Design to avoid the introduction of rain or runoff water inside the Canadian well.
  • Designed to accommodate both the G2 filter (coarse 30%) or G4 (coarse 70%) and the F7 filter (ePM2.5≥70%). All filters have M1 fire classification.
  • Large inspection hatch for access to the filter (s), closing by ¼ turn lock.
  • Packed in cardboard box, air intake delivered in 2 parts to facilitate installation for sizes 200/250 and in wooden box delivered in 1 part for sizes 315/355/400.
  • Painting option.
PATD 200/250

PATD 315/355/400

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