Guillotine shutters

air transfer

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Guillotine shutters

air transfer

  • Small footprint
  • Surface mounting
  • Adapted to high-rise buildings and collective buildings of the 4th family
  • Quick setup
  • Optimal net section and minimum pressure drop


Intended for air transfer on smoke extraction installations.
Particularly suitable for air transfer in high-rise buildings and collective housing.
The VT60 transfer flaps serve as air intakes for the hallway.
It is open in the standby position and closes automatically as soon as the temperature is above 72 ° C (safety position).
Use inside buildings.

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Dimensions (LxH): 300x200 to 800x800 mm.
Wall-mounted dry installation, assembly without pre-frame on light wall or solid wall 100 mm thick.

  • E60 sash shutter (60 min flame arrester) or EI60 (60 min fire break with the G-VT60 protective grille) open in the standby position.
  • Frame and guide made of metal.
  • The mobile leaf, 25 mm thick, is made of refractory material.
  • Tripping is done by a fuse rated at 72°C.
  • New manual release system with just a screwdriver.
  • Embodied energy operation.
  • Manual reset.
  • Provide an aesthetic finishing grille in aluminum of the GFAA, GAAA, GPAA type, on the circulation side.
  • Note: Remote triggering is prohibited.
  • Provide a galvanized steel grid, G-VT60 for covering the fuse side transfer flap.
  • The sections coded in the TARIFF are without options.
  • It is possible to optionally add the contacts:
    • an FCU limit switch,
    • a DCU start of run contact,
    • an FDCU end and start of travel contact.
  • The position contacts can be ordered as a kit (KIT FDCU) independently.

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