Management system

Smoke extraction in collective housing

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Management system

Smoke extraction in collective housing

  • Responds to the decree of 01/31/86
  • Can process 2 townships of 16 floors
  • Simplified maintenance and troubleshooting - fault diagnosis on each floor box.
  • Savings on cable lengths and wiring time


Smoke extraction from collective residential buildings on the 3th family B and 4th family.
Complete system designed to control the smoke extraction from the common circulation routes of residential buildings according to the provisions of the decree of January 31, 1986 and the decree of June 19, 2015.

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  • The smoke extraction of collective residential buildings of 3rd family B and 4th family is controlled by a CDLED smoke extraction unit which receives various alarms (from optical smoke detectors or manual triggers), then sends a command authorization to the control unit. CDBELED stage which controls the opening of the AVANTAGE H or KAMOUFLAGE H smoke extraction dampers located on the extraction or fresh air intake ducts.
  • At each level, a CDBELED floor unit receives information on the status of the various components of the loop (positions of the smoke control dampers, smoke detectors, manual triggers, etc.) and sends the information feedback to the control unit via through a "BUS line".
  • A "power line" is located between the floor boxes and the smoke control unit.
  • The control unit can also control the starting of the extraction fans (TEDH F400 / TEDV F400 turrets) via the CDTOURLED extractor control unit. If the extractor does not work, the CDTOURLED activates the TCDZ 10 venting device (release of a free section of 20 dm²) in accordance with article 37 of the order of
    January 31, 1986.
  • CDNSALED Elevator Non-Stop boxes (option) can be added to keep the elevator running despite a damaged floor: it will not stop on the damaged floor or will be forced to stop on the ground floor. .


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