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Autonomous IP65

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Old ranges

Autonomous IP65

  • Single-phase 230V or three-phase 400V power supply
  • Robust aluminum case
  • Front controls
  • Integrated and disconnectable RFI filter
  • Gas solenoid valve control
  • IP65


Frequency converter, controls the speed of a 230 / 400V three-phase asynchronous motor from 15Hz to 50Hz.
Ease of installation and commissioning.
Compatible with all TN, TT and IT neutral systems.

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VFKB Mono 230V: 5 models from 0.37 to 1.5kW.
VFKB Tri 400V: 8 models from 0.37 to 4kW.


  • VFKB mono: 230V 50 / 60Hz single-phase drive power supply + earth, 230V three-phase motor output.
  • VFKB tri: 400V 50 / 60Hz three-phase drive power supply + earth, 400V three-phase motor output.
  • Incorporates overload and short circuit protection.
  • Integrated RFI / EMC network filter for connection to TT or TN neutral system; on IT neutral, disconnect this filter.
  • Front controls: on / off switch + speed adjustment by potentiometer.
  • Front LEDs: power supply + fault present.
  • 1 input for dry contact to make: high speed forced operation (mushroom head unit as an accessory).
  • 1 dry contact output on / off for gas solenoid valve: maximum breaking capacity = 5A (resistive) at 250Vac / 30Vdc - 2A (cos φ = 0.5) at 250Vac.
  • 3 cable glands supplied assembled.
  • Electrical insulation: class 1.
  • Degree of protection IP65.
  • Operating environment: –25 to + 40 ° C.

Selection of electrical accessories
VFKB Mono 230V 0.37kW and 0.55kW

Other VFKB

Vertical mounting, leaving sufficient space (minimum 180mm) all around for cooling

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