Speed regulators

Universal flow or pressure regulators - ECM motors COP / CAV / VAV modes + Motorized dampers - Communicating

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Speed regulators

Universal flow or pressure regulators - ECM motors COP / CAV / VAV modes + Motorized dampers - Communicating


  • Universal flow or pressure regulators
  • Integrated pressure sensors
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Built-in clock
  • Remote control accessory
  • Communicating Modbus RTU or SIGFOX


Control of fans, ventilation boxes, air handling units equipped with ECM motor for operation at variable flow, constant flow or constant pressure.
Control of motorized dampers with 0 -10V input.

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2 models:
  • RMEC VD 230V: supplied with 230V mono - Communicating Modbus RTU.
  • RMEC VD 230V SIGFOX: supplied with 230V mono - Communicating Modbus RTU or Sigfox. : see IoT connected products

main box
  • Servo-control or regulation operation:
    • Flow control to an external sensor (temperature / hygrometry / CO2 / VOC…) or to a manual request by remote potentiometer.
    • Automatic regulation of pressure or flow to the set point value. Entry of the K coefficient (QV=K√ΔP) for display and regulation of the flow.
  • Integrated PID controller and pressure sensors.
  • Backlit LCD display + function keys on the front. Clear display of the measurement (pressure/flow/CO2, etc.) and the set point set.
  • Weekly clock for automatic operation management. Automatic change of the day/night set point value, or of the operating mode.
  • Integrated post-ventilation function (case of use of an electric heater on the supply network).
  • Alarm detection with report of information on dry contact: filter clogging, fan fault, loss of sensor signal.
Accessory remote control
  • IP21 remote control with backlit LCD display for setting/controlling the system, copying to 100% information from the RMEC or RMEC SIGFOX display.
  • 1m long cable supplied for temporary use of the remote control by quick connection to the jack socket on the front of the main box: ideal for starting up when the fan is installed in a small space (false ceiling, etc.).
  • Permanent use of the remote control by dedicated input on the terminal block of the main unit (surface or recessed mounting possible).


Communicating ModBus RTU as standard.

  • SIGFOX network, very low speed and very long range cellular wireless network with national coverage.
  • Allows VMC installation supervision (collective or tertiary).
  • Economical alternative technology to wired / 3G solutions for monitoring or remote reading.
  • Additional card integrated into the RMEC to upload data on the SIGFOX radio network (antenna supplied):
    • Measurement of pressure and flow every hour,
    • Transmission once a day at a fixed time (average over 24 hours) of the pressure and flow rate of the installation (average, mini and maxi values),
    • Alarm on pressure and minimum flow threshold,
    • Alarm in the event of power failure / return.
  • NFC tag for complete identification of the RMEC SIGFOX (product number, serial number, manufacturing batch number).

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