ATEX motorized fans

Centrifugal - Forward < 16000 m3/h

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ATEX motorized fans

Centrifugal - Forward < 16000 m3/h

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  • Compliance with ATEX Zone 1 and 2 Gas, Zone 22 Dust
  • CMT Exd Explosion Proof
  • CMT Exe Increased Security
  • CMT Extc Enclosure protection
  • Pressure up to 2,500 Pa.


Industrial processes, machine ventilation.
Air extraction or ventilation of premises whose atmosphere contains one or more explosive compounds.
Motor in direct coupling 2 or 4 poles offering a wide range of pressures, up to the types of installations requiring a high available pressure.
Air flow temperature from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C.

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  • CMT compliant with the 2014/34 / EU ATEX directive
  • ATEX Gas zone:
    • CMT Exd: II 2G Exd IIB T4 Gb.
    • CMT Exe: II 2G Exe II T3 Gb.
  • ATEX Dust Zone:
    • CMT Extc: II 3D Extc IIIB T125 Dc, non-conductive dust.
  • 3 series:
    • Series 1:
      • 5 sizes: 120/140/160/180/200.
      • Flow rates from 100 to 2300 m3/ h.
    • Series 2:
      • 4 sizes: 225/250/280/315.
      • Flow rates from 300 to 7,100 m3/ h.
    • Series 3:
      • 4 sizes: 355/400/450/500.
      • Flow rates from 1000 to 16000 m3/ h.

  • Single inlet volute with series 2 and 3 engine support chair, optional on series 1, in sheet steel protected by gray epoxy-polyester paint, with brass plate between turbine and flange. 8 rotation angles left (LG) and right (RD), standard version LG 270. Atmospheric corrosivity category C3 according to NF EN ISO 12944-2.
  • Brass suction bell.
  • Galvanized steel forward turbine, mounted in direct coupling with the motor, dynamically balanced according to ISO 1940.
  • The whole of the assembly: turbine / volute, forms an anti-sparking system.

  • 1 three-phase speed 400V 50Hz, IP 55, class F, without thermal protection (option).
  • Series 1 is fitted with B14 flanged motors.
  • Series 2 and 3 are fitted with B3 foot-mounted motors.

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