Covering grilles

Aluminum great heights

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Covering grilles

Aluminum great heights

  • Aesthetic grids for AVANTAGE shutters
  • Neat anodized aluminum finish
  • Seamless aesthetics for VH and VB
  • Reduced pressure drops


Cover grilles for AVANTAGE 1V and 2V smoke extraction dampers.
Fit into the wall.
Make it possible to maintain a uniform appearance on all the upper and lower circulation shutters.
Protect access to the shaft after opening the shutter.
Partially hide the central part of the shutter from view.

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Dimensions (Lce x Hce): 400 x 2000 to 1200 x 2600 mm.
Free area greater than 90%.
Grille with core of removable fins over a height of 1 meter in the lower part (VB air supply damper) or in the upper part (VH extraction damper) clipped to the frame with locking by 2 fireman's square safety cams .
Downward sloping fins.
Other dimensions: contact us.
Painted finish in RAL colours: contact us.

  • Frame and fins in anodized aluminum natural color.
  • Frame with a 10 mm return to hide the irregularities of the reservation cutouts.
  • 25mm aluminum fin pitch.
  • Curved profile fins inclined at 45°, crimped onto aluminum tubes at the rear of the grille.
  • Locking by safety cam equipped with a 4 x 4 mm female firefighter square.
  • Fixing the grille: provide 2 L-shaped steel angles to be fixed on either side of the recess made in the lining (inner side), then screw the frame of the grille onto the angles. (self-drilling screws not supplied).


Overall length

overall height



IHT =Ln+84

HHT = Hn + 84


Ln: Nominal length of the GGHV grid.
HThis : Nominal height of the grating GGHV.

Reservation (for grid recessing): (LThis + 64) x (HThis + 64)

Example: Grid GGHV 650 x 2150
Overall Dimensions: LHT = 734 mm and HHT = 2234 mm.
Reservation dimensions: Lres = 714 mm and Hres = 2214 mm.

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