IAQ and comfort sensors

Temperature and CO2 regulators

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IAQ and comfort sensors

Temperature and CO2 regulators

  • Modulation of flow rates according to temperature and CO2 rate
  • Output signal as a function of 2 combined measurements
  • Comfort and air quality
  • Works in heating and cooling


Air treatment systems (heating or cooling) where the supply air temperature varies according to a set point on the return temperature. It allows the modulation of the flow rates to maintain an ambient temperature setpoint while monitoring the indoor air quality (CO2 rate).
Teaching and catering premises, multipurpose hall, performance hall ...
Control of registers and AHU.

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  • The room temperature controller generates a first 0-10V signal in proportional integral.
    • Temperature setpoint by dial on the side of the housing.
    • Manual selection of heating or cooling mode.
  • At the same time, it takes a CO2 measurement that it compares to a setpoint set by a potentiometer inside the box, thus generating a second internal signal.
  • The 0-10V output signal used to act on a fan or a VAV register is the maximum of these two values. The min - max signal range is adjustable to suit the actuator.

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