VIM Sigfox Ready products

VIM offers a range of Sigfox certified ventilation products equipped with a network card, a modem and an antenna, specifically developed to transmit data (flow rates, pressures) and surveillance alarms.

The data transmitted via the Sigfox network can be used by maintenance companies, technical services or property managers to ensure continuous remote monitoring, monitoring of operation and planning of interventions.
The data flow for these products is currently unidirectional (Uplink), from the products (objects / devices) to the Sigfox network.

Ultimately, we plan to develop products with bidirectional communication (Uplink + Downlink - except SPRD Sigfox) in order, for example, to remotely modify a flow or pressure setpoint.

The regulation settings and the entry of the alarm threshold values must be carried out at the time of installation.
VIM and its partners are able to provide the commissioning service for the JBRB ECOWATT PR / PM SIGFOX ranges.

Each VIM product is delivered with an installation manual detailing these operations and a label indicating a number. unique identifier (ID).

  • JBRB ECOWATT PR SIGFOX : Regulated C4 CMV boxes - COP, VAV or CAV mode
  • JBRB ECOWATT PM SIGFOX: Regulated C4 CMV boxes - Reverse pressure mode
  • RMEC SIGFOX: Speed regulators for operation in COP, CAV or VAV for controlling fans, boxes or air handling units equipped with ECM motors
  • SPRD SIGFOX: Differential pressure probes for checking the operation of a ventilation system or clogging of filters.