Speed regulators

Pressure regulators - ECM or AC motors in COP mode

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Speed regulators

Pressure regulators - ECM or AC motors in COP mode

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  • Constant pressure over the flow range
  • Controls a single-phase asynchronous motor or ECM
  • IP55
  • Factory fitted-wired version


Maintain constant air pressure by adjusting the fan speed:

- by varying the supply voltage of a single-phase 230Vac single-speed asynchronous motor.
- by 3-10Vdc control of an ECM motor.
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2 ratings: 5A and 11A.
For each rating, 2 models: measuring range 0-300Pa or 0-800Pa.
Version not mounted or mounted-wired on our fans.

  • Polyester keyboard with 3 7-segment displays and micro-keys.
  • Incorporates a pressure sensor, self-powered by the PACK PR.
  • Adjustment of the pressure setpoint by micro-keys on the front.
  • Output for single-phase asynchronous motor: varies between 110 and 230Vac (adjustable during installation).
  • 3-10Vdc output for controlling an ECM motor.
  • The output is continuously adjusted (PI regulation) according to the pressure measured in the aeraulic network. The set pressure setpoint is thus automatically respected regardless of changes in the network (fouling, etc.). Factory preset settings.
  • Unassembled version supplied with 1 pressure tap and 2m long tube for connection to the ventilation box or to the duct. Cable glands supplied assembled.
  • Wired-mounted version allowing labor savings on site for type boxes: KMDT, KMDT ECOWATT®, KSTD , KSTD ECOWATT®.

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