Ventilate according to the CO2 rate

Ventilate according to the CO2 rate

Public authorities and the media are rediscovering the relevance of measuring in a room, the level of CO2, as an indicator of the level of confinement or of a viral load.

Ventilating, supplying fresh air according to a CO2 rate measured by a probe is a solution that has been implemented in France for more than 15 years. Hundreds of thousands of installations operate on this principle.

The higher the CO2 level, the greater the flow of fresh air to be introduced and vice versa. We are talking about variable flow.

The only measurement of the level of CO2 is insufficient.
It is necessary to design and install a complete system of type Double flow air handling unit with exchanger and adapted filtration + CO2 probes + registers variable flow rate for multi-zone buildings + networks + judiciously distributed supply and extraction vents.

Do not hesitate to oversize the calculation of the maximum flow rates beyond the regulatory flow rates defined by the RSD.
They are the weakest in Europe in France.

Ventilating, improving IAQ, reducing the risk of COVID 19 infection, a specialist's job.

New Factory article of 04/30/21

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