Circular accessories

Aluminum awning grilles

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Circular accessories

Aluminum awning grilles



natural ventilation grill
GCMA: front air intake

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GA-AN - Awning grille
  • Dimension 100x100 to 650x550.
  • Made of 10/10 anodized aluminume.
  • Grid thickness 9 mm.
  • Fixing holes for screw mounting (not supplied).
GCMA - Front air intake
  • Z275 galvanized steel sleeves.
  • Natural tone aluminum grille with single series of awnings from Ø 125 to 200 and double series of awnings for larger diameters.
  • The grid clips onto the sleeve on the outside.
  • Galvanized steel sleeves make it possible to cross a wall with a thickness of 250 to 400 mm (provide for a covering of the sleeves of at least 20 mm as well as a slight slope towards the outside).

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