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Front - Panel

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Old ranges

Front - Panel

  • Complies with standards NF S 61-937-1 and NF S 61-937-8
  • Neat aesthetics, anodized aluminum finish
  • Very good air and water tightness
  • Reduced depth


Front opening used as a fresh air supply for smoke extraction in public buildings, collective housing and high-rise buildings.
Remote controlled Safety Actuated Device (DAS) intended for the introduction of fresh air into the exterior facade of the building (vertical facade only).
The sash is closed in the standby position and opens in the event of a fire to allow the introduction of fresh air.

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Dimensions LxH: 320 x 400 to 1070 x 1070.
Free area up to 99.2 dm².
Electromagnetic tripping by 24 Vdc or 48 Vdc shunt or break coil and unipolar start / limit switches (FDCU) factory fitted.
Manual reset only.
The interior cladding grids (GFAV, GAAV) allow to have a homogeneous aesthetic with the cladding grids of the AVANTAGE range shutters.

  • Frame made of natural anodized aluminum profile.
  • Leaf made of an M0 incombustible insulation lined on each exterior face with a glued anodized aluminum plate.
  • Leaf articulation made by two stainless steel hinges.
  • Triggering by an electromagnetic coil with emission or rupture 24 Vdc or 48 Vdc.
  • Unipolar start and limit switch position contacts (FDCU).
  • Oleopneumatic springs ensure the opening of the leaf towards the outside.
  • Manual reset using the metal handle.

  • The use of a sealing pre-frame is strongly recommended in order to avoid any operational and sealing problems.
  • The lower part of the WATERPROOF AUTODEF must not be installed more than 3 meters from the ground.
  • To ensure insulation when installing the panel opening on the outside, a sealant-type sealing bead should be added around the entire periphery of the frame.

The openings codified in the TARIFF are without option.
  • The order must be accompanied by:
  • A 24 or 48V trip coil with VD shunt or VM break: optionally VD24 or VM24 or VD48 or VM48.
  • A single-pole end and start position contact: FDCU option.


Installation dimensions

Clear passage dimension


Overall dimensions

With pre-frame

Without Frame


W x H

Llibre = L - 70
Free = H - 70

Lp = L + 20
Hp = H + 20

Lp = L + 10
Hp = H + 10

Lht = L + 40
Hht = H + 40

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