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Ceiling AHU - Backward < 8000 m3/h

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Old ranges

Ceiling AHU - Backward < 8000 m3/h

PIC-ERP-conforme-01.jpg ErP - UVNR compliant
with speed variator
Supplied as standard: M5 pre-filter (ePM10 55%) with pressure test point or F7 filter (ePM1 75%) with a pre-filter and pressure outlet.
Optional : M5 pre-filter (ePM10 55%) and filter F9 to make M5 + F9 or F7 + F9.

  • Extra flat central: height 360 to 500 mm
  • Freewheel fans
  • Asynchronous motor
  • Double skin 25 mm glass wool insulation
  • Flow rates from 500 to 8,000 m3/ h
  • Indoor and outdoor version


Introduction of fresh air, heating, air conditioning.
Installation indoors or outdoors.
Floor or ceiling mounting.
Vertical airflow assembly for models without cooling coil (water or direct expansion).
Treated air temperature from -20 ° C to + 40 ° C.

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Flow rates from 500 to 8,000 m3/ h.
4 sizes:
  • Size 2: height 360 mm.
  • Sizes 3 and 5: height 410 mm.
  • Size 8: height 500 mm.
Additional boxes:
  • 2-way mixing boxes.
  • Silencer 750 mm.
  • Plenums.
  • Electric battery boxes.
  • Direct expansion and water coil boxes.
  • Fan boxes with pressure tap and cable gland.
  • Filter boxes with pressure taps.
Each fan box must be fitted with a frequency converter to comply with ErP. A frequency converter can drive 2 fans in sizes 5 and 8.

  • Frame in extruded aluminum profiles.
  • 2 removable smooth flanges supplied on all boxes.
  • Kit for fixing the boxes together consisting of a gasket and 4 sets of screws, nuts and washers.
  • Double skin panels in galvanized steel coated with RAL 9010 exterior.
  • Insulation by glass wool th. 25 mm, density 24 kg / m3:
  • Thermal conductivity 0.036 W / (mk) (20/80 ° C).
  • Fire classification A1 according to standard EN 13 501.1.
  • Hinged doors for easy access to the control unit.
  • Left or right easement.
  • Suction and / or discharge registers ID, class 2 according to EN 1751.
  • Roof and hood for outdoor versions.
  • 80 mm support frame to isolate the box from the ground outside and facilitate the assembly of the siphon (option).
  • External IP55 connection box for ventilation.
    The electric batteries have a separate power supply.

Main box
  • The main box has at least one M5 pre-filter or one F7 filter with a pre-filter location.
    Optional M5 pre-filter, F9 filters.
  • It can include 1 electric coil, 1 direct expansion coil, 1 or 2 water coil (s), or 1 electric coil + 1 cold water coil.

Accessories box
  • Boxes with 1 or 2 coils: water CB, direct expansion CB and electric EB available to complete the configuration of the main box,
  • FC filter boxes,
  • 2-way mixing boxes 2MA / B / D / E,
  • Sound trap boxes fitted with 600 mm SIL baffles,
  • FB plenum boxes.

Main box equipment and additional boxes (all models)

  • Filters supplied as standard: M5 pre-filter (ePM10 55%) with pressure test point or F7 filter (ePM1 75%) with a pre-filter and pressure outlet.
  • Optional filter available: M5 pre-filter (ePM10 55%) and filter F9 to make M5 + F9 or F7 + F9.
  • Support system made up of two tightening handles: perfect sealing with the frame and easy disassembly. Dismantling the filters from the sides or the bottom.
  • BDEZ 20-300 Pa pressure switch included to check filter clogging.

  • 2 or 4 row hot water coils (galvanized frame, copper tubes and aluminum fins).
  • 4 or 6 row cold or reversible water coils (galvanized frame, copper tubes, aluminum fins, 304 stainless steel condensate tray and droplet separator).
  • Reversible direct expansion coil 1 or 2 circuits on 4 or 6 rows for operation in condenser or evaporator.
  • Copper tubes and collectors, aluminum fins, galvanized steel frame. Stainless steel condensate collection tray and droplet separator.
  • Electric coils (galvanized frame and armored resistances) with manual (120 ° C) and automatic (75 ° C) reset protections, as well as an anti-radiation screen in front of the filters. The power supply to the electric heaters is separate from that of the ventilation.
Motorized fans

  • Dynamically balanced backward freewheel fans with direct coupling to the motors.
  • The frequency converter to be associated with the motor makes it possible to reach the required pressure flow point and minimizes energy consumption.
  • New fixation system absorbing vibrations.

230/400 V IE3 three-phase 50 Hz asynchronous motors:

  • UTBS-2: 0.55kW,
  • UTBS-3: 0.55kW or 1.1kW,
  • UTBS-5: 2 x 0.55kW or 2 x 1.1kW,
  • UTBS-8: 2 x 0.75kW or 2 x 1.5kW.
Operating mode Electrical accessories
Manual - Frequency converters VFIK / VFTM / VFTE / VFKB
COP - Constant pressure regulation VFIK + VCHV
VAV - Control according to external measurement VFIK / VFTM / VFTE + Probe
VAV - Regulation according to setpoint deviation / external measurement VFIK / VFTM / VFTE + Probes

  • Provide 1 all or nothing servomotor with return spring for the fresh air damper or 2 proportional servomotors for the 2-way mixing box.

Air treatment selection
Main box

Left easement as standard (seen in the direction of the air)





A (mm)





B (mm)





Unit lengths depend on configurations, see dimensions below.

Main cabinet configurations

Configuration 1: length 750 mm

Configuration 7: length 1205 mm

Configuration 2: length 969 mm

Configuration 8: length 1455 mm

Configuration 3: length 1205 mm

Configuration 9: length 1455 mm

Configuration 4: length 1205 mm

Configuration 10: length 1455 mm

Configuration 5: length 1205 mm

Configuration 11: length 1455 mm

Configuration 6: length 1205 mm

Configuration 12: length 1455 mm
BC2: Hot coil 2 rows;
BC4: 4-row Hot Coil;
BF4: Cold coil (or reversible) 4 rows;
BF6: Cold coil (or reversible) 6 rows;
X4: 4-row direct expansion coil;
X6: 6-row direct expansion coil;
BE: Electric Battery;
V: Fan;
M5: M5 filter;
F7: Filter F7;
P: Pre-filter location

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