A long-term, proactive, global and pragmatic approach

Our ventilation products and systems constitute an essential building block in the construction and renovation of buildings so that they consume less energy, are more durable and healthier. Depending on their purpose, they contribute to the improvement of indoor air quality, the reduction of exhaust air pollution, acoustic and thermal comfort, the preservation of buildings or the safety of people in the event of fire. .

As a major player in the design, manufacture and distribution of finishing products for building professionals, VIM 's management and staff have been committed for many years to greater social responsibility. , environmental and societal.

An approach evaluated by ECOVADIS

ECOVADIS-GOLD-2023-250px.jpg VIM was evaluated in 2023 at “GOLD” level by the ECOVADIS rating platform | http://ecovadis.com/fr/ |


  • Certified environmental management ISO 14001 since 1998
  • Life cycle analysis approach for our products, PEP declaration | www.pep-ecopassport.org |
  • Reduction, sorting and recovery of waste: recycling at more than 95%
  • Production of photovoltaic electrical energy: 53,000 kWh/year with a forecast of a new tranche of 550,000 kWh/year in 2025
  • Use of renewable energy in our buildings: air/water heat pump, Canadian well, dual-flow CTA with high-efficiency exchangers
  • Reduction of our carbon footprint: low-consumption lighting, ECM motors, flow modulation, inverter compressor, thermodynamic water heater, etc.
  • Reduction of water consumption, treatment of rainwater and wastewater
  • Membership of the Ecologic and Eco-systems eco-organizations for professional and household WEEE
  • Use of pallets from sustainable forest management | VIM Certificate of origin for wooden packaging PEFC 221202 |

Social and human rights

  • Implementation of safety and health protection procedures
  • Regular consultation with staff representative bodies
  • Monitoring the frequency and severity rate of workplace accidents
  • Action plan for gender equality - Official index below:
PICTO-egaliteHF-2023.png Company with fewer than 250 employees - Score: total =88
  • Pay gap: 38/40
  • Difference in individual increases: 35/35
  • Percentage of employees increased upon return from maternity leave: 15/15
  • Employees of the under-represented sex among the 10 highest paid: 0/10
  • Measures to promote the employment and integration of disabled people (more than 6%)
  • Action plan in the field of employment and skills management
  • Provision of an Individual Social Report to employees
  • Implementation of numerous social and salary benefits (CET / PES / PEE / PERCO / TR / PPV / IK, etc.)

Ethics and responsible purchasing

  • Active participation in regional development – ongoing relationships with collective bodies, educational establishments, associations, etc.
  • Business ethics charter and policy | VIM CSR Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Service Providers 2019 |
  • Permanent evaluation of suppliers – Document management via the platform PROVIGIS
  • Taking CSR issues into account in the purchasing and subcontracting policy
  • Setting up a alert device for employees and external stakeholders