Covering grilles

Finned aluminum

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Covering grilles

Finned aluminum

  • Aesthetic grilles for AVANTAGE shutters
  • Neat anodized aluminum finish
  • Reduced pressure losses
  • For shutters used in VB and VH


Covering grilles for the AVANTAGE 1V and 2V shutters range.
Can be mounted on the shutter.
Protect access to the sheath after opening the shutter.
Partially hide the central part of the shutter from view.
Downward sloping fins for VB mounting.
Upward sloping fins for VH mounting.

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  • Dimensions (Lce x Hce): 300x385 to 1100x1105 mm.
  • Free area greater than 90%.
  • GFAV: fixed core grille - welded to the frame.
  • GAAV: removable core grid - spring system (< Hn =780).
  • GPAV: grid with removable core - spring system with locking by safety cam with fireman's square.
  • RAL painted finish: consult us.

  • Frame with rounded shapes and fins in natural-coloured anodized aluminium.
  • Fixing of the frame of the grid on the frame of the shutter by 4 self-drilling screws (Ø 3.5 mm) supplied. 4 fixing holes are located on the inside fold return (2 on each height), therefore almost invisible.
  • Blades with rounded profile inclined at 45° - crimped on aluminum tubes at the rear of the grille.
  • Locking by safety cam equipped with a 4 x 4 mm female firefighter square (GPAV).

Produit T Lo Li Ho Hi
Avantage 36 Ln+61 Ln-57 Hn+61 Hn-57

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