Old ranges

Transmission <11,500 m3 / h - Range shutdown 01/01/2016

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Old ranges

Transmission <11,500 m3 / h - Range shutdown 01/01/2016

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  • Flow rate adjustment by variable drive pulley
  • Double vertical suction discharge
  • Horizontal in-line suction discharge
  • Mounted electrical accessories
  • Easy maintenance, removable fan motor, on slides


Air extraction.
Indoor or outdoor installation.
400 ° C 1/2 hour category C4 approved - PTO not connected.
Not approved - PTO connected.
VMC in collective housing - approval 400 ° C 1/2 hour.
VMC in tertiary premises - 400 ° C 1/2 hour approval: in accordance with articles CH41, CH42 and CH43 of the fire safety regulations in public buildings.
Air intake in tertiary premises - without approval: in accordance with articles CH29 to CH40 of the fire safety regulations in public buildings.

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  • Collective CMV application ΔP
  • 5 sizes: 020/035/050/070/090.
  • Flow rates from 350 to 8,500 m3 / h.


  • Tertiary application ΔP
  • 5 sizes: 025/045/055/080/110.
  • Flow rates from 250 to 11,500 m3 / h.

2 configurations:

  • L: suction and delivery in line.
  • D: double suction and vertical delivery.


  • Boxes made of galvanized sheet steel.
  • Connection taps with VELODUCT® gaskets.
  • Motor-fan assembly mounted on slides, allows rapid lateral extraction to facilitate maintenance.
  • Double inlet galvanized steel fan.
  • Pulley / belt transmission with variable driving pulley (spare belt inside the box).
  • Motor-turbine assembly separated from the casing by anti-vibration mounts.
  • INTZ: Padlockable proximity switch with mounted / wired position feedback.
  • DIJZ: Mounted / wired thermal-magnetic circuit breaker (comfort only).
  • BDEZ: Depressostat fitted, air-connected, factory set to 80 Pa, not modifiable.
  • TDGZ, time delay for depressostat, in accordance with COPREG recommendations in VMC.
  • Foot-mounted motor B3, IP55, class F, 1 speed 4 poles, three-phase 230 / 400V, 50Hz.
  • PTO thermal protection to be connected for use in air return in tertiary premises (not 400 ° C 1 / 2h).

HUCF D Configuration 2 aspirations


HUCF L Online configuration


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Download OPTAIR Conso Media locked
Selection software for collective ventilation units - Calculation of electrical consumption
For any operating problem, please send your request by email to
  • Automatic calculation of minimum / maximum flow rates DTU 68.3 and RT2012
  • Selection of suitable fans
  • Detailed technical sheet with fan consumption determined according to its operating point, according to Th-BCE rules
  • Automatic update of the application (requires an internet connection)

March 2021: new version (automatic update)

  • In tertiary rapid calculation, possibility of selecting turrets / KUBAIR

  • Modification of ranges: HUCF ECO PR, TEDV / TEDH ECOWATT C4, JRBR ECOWATT / JRBR ECOWATT PR / JRBR ECOWATT PM (sizes 30 and 38), JRBR ECOWATT Sigfox / JRBR ECOWATT PR Sigfox / JRBR ECOWATT PM Sigfox (sizes 30 and 38) , KUBAIR ECOWATT (Mono)

  • Addition of the JBRE ECOWATT, JBRE ECOWATT PR ranges

Download user manual
Download OPTAIR VMC 2018 Media locked
VMC installation sizing and quotation software
For any operating problem, please send your request by email to

  • Network sizing and selection of the suitable fan.
  • Works for any self-adjusting, hygro-adjustable and gas installation.
  • Calculations in accordance with current standards.
  • Provides a detailed and costed list of the selected material.
  • Allows the production of quotes from the database of VIM products.
  • Possible application in TERTIARY single-flow CMV.

August 2020: new version (automatic update)

  • Addition of TED F400 ECOWATT COP and KUBAIR F400 ECOWATT COP (in rapid collective VMC project and in full project)
  • Addition of K STD and K STD IP 16
  • Removal of K STD and K STD IP 19
Download user manual