NOVAX UV: High performance UV hood, purified air in complete safety

NOVAX UV: High performance UV hood, purified air in complete safety

VIM offers a complete range of UV hoods to reduce clogging of networks and treat odors in professional kitchens.
Compliance with the requirements of the Labor Code, INRS, NF EN 16282-2 and NF EN 16282-6.

The air extracted in professional kitchens can sometimes be the source of odor nuisance during the service life and can then persist because of grease deposits inside the ducts and fans.

NOVAX UV hoods have been developed to respond to this problem. The direct UV treatment makes it possible to combine a phenomenon of photolysis which destroys the grease particles and limits the clogging of the networks, with a phenomenon of ozonolysis which oxidizes the odorous particles and reduces the odor nuisance.

The implementation of a UV system treatment must ensure the safety of people by limiting exposure to ultraviolet rays and reducing the concentration of ozone in the kitchen and outside near the air outlet.

Strong points :

  • Welded hood conforming to NF EN 16282-2 ensuring reliability, tightness and perfect cleanability.
  • Filtration system compliant with NF EN 16282-6 and design of the extraction plenum meeting regulatory UV exposure limits (Apave Report).
  • Triple safety device.
  • Constant efficiency of UV lamps up to a temperature of 80 ° C and over a wide speed range allowing the implementation of a flow variation system.
  • Simplified implementation thanks to factory pre-wiring of the various modules.
  • Commissioning carried out by VIM .
  • Easy maintenance: only 2 lamps per module, lamp life of over 10,000 hours, technical elements are accessible from inside the kitchen.


The wide operating ranges of the Novax UV system and the modular hood principle ensure that all dimensional and functional needs are covered.

The range consists of:


.Armoire de contrôle et de commande ARUVNOVAXUV CONFORT 90/10


  • Height 500 mm.
  • Depths from 1000 mm in single version to 3500 mm in double version.
  • Length from 1500 mm, then adjustable in steps of 500 mm.

With NOVAX UV, associated with an ECOWATT turret or casing, a air handling unit KSDR and the ASR flow modulation system, you will obtain the most efficient professional kitchen ventilation system on the market

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