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VIM : proven solutions for all types of kitchens

Specialist in air treatment for professional kitchens, from the reheating office to central production, VIM highlights and situates some of its flagship products.

buffalo_grill les_halles_solanid CHRU_Montpellier centrale_edf
Buffalo Grill Les Halles Solanid CHRU Montpellier EDF power station


Inductive curtain hood with 10% + low speed diffusion

The capture efficiency is optimized by an inductive curtain calibrated and judiciously oriented towards the filters, without disturbing the cook.

Heat and steam emissions are perfectly contained in the hood with flow rates of 30% lower than those of a conventional hood.

The fresh air compensation in the area to be treated is done by the front plenum equipped with a double distribution system for low and uniform speeds.

Comfort and efficiency guaranteed.

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Watertight welded hoods in 12/10 stainless steelth

This range has been designed for users demanding in terms of quality of finish, sealing, robustness and ease of cleaning.

Peripheral gutters and vertical angles are welded continuously.
The interior of the capture plenum is smooth without rivets or studs.

Particularly suitable for covering appliances with a strong release of greasy vapor.

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A unique design for a real semi-pro hood

This small hood (600 to 1200 mm) is used in reheating points, relay offices, cafeterias, tea rooms, kitchen areas.

It exists in static or dynamic version and can be fitted with impact filters, IP65 halogen spotlights and integrated electronic control.
Maximum flow up to 1000 m3/ h

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More than 150 references, 18 years of experience and continuous improvement

The VORAX ECO system automatically modulates the extraction and introduction flow rates as a function of temperature and humidity.

The flow rates are adjusted as needed, thus limiting the consumption of the fans and the heating coils. The speed of the fans and the noise level are most of the time reduced for better staff comfort.

Commissioning, provided by VIM throughout France, guarantees the result, from selection to operational operation.

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New arrivals

Non-F400 air extraction for cooking and laundry areas

Sealed double skin extraction box - Continuous operation up to 100 ° C
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Treatment of fats, fumes and odors

Static filtration chambers by electrostatic precipitation or ultraviolet radiation
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Flow rate calculation software and hood selection

OPTAIR® Cooked
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Health regulations, fire safety regulations, hood sizing principles ...

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About VIM

VIM subsidiary of [ Soler & Palau Ventilation Group ] specializes in ventilation, air treatment and smoke extraction.
We have our own R&D, production and logistics resources and we market products and systems to HVAC and electrical engineering installers.

• Our range of products meets the needs of all buildings: residential, tertiary, industrial:

Standard or C4 ventilation boxes, outlets, air inlets, air distribution, smoke extraction fans, fire dampers, smoke extraction dampers, single and double flow air handling units, ducts, accessories, collection systems for professional kitchens, fans ATEX, electrical boxes….

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